In these new works my focus has been towards mental health, emotional pain and illness may effect someone’s entire life and develop symptoms of anxiety and depression. depression and anxiety on trauma. I have been creating mostly landscape in collaboration with people living with trauma. Experiencing emotional pain such as abuse, assault, violence, victimization, death, oppression is a vital meaning-making event in people’s lives, and their stories matter deeply. Since trauma is kind of embedded in the body, it’s very important that I am able to express that in my art works. I’m always trying to further explore what it means to physically feel a piece of artwork. My aim is finding peace despite the physical and emotional struggle and to increase more confidence to discuss and express our feeling toward it. Traumatic events can happen to anyone at any age and anytime.

This is my effort to show human trying to break free of enforced passivity. Art has the capacity to distill incredibly ideas into artifacts. The art allows people feel safer and more likely sharing their experience. I try putting a visual language to trauma and offer a new perspective and draw audience’s attention to their surrounding and specially to those who are suffering from mental illness.

In my paintings, The black hole is a symbol of  pain, devastation and hardship that pulls a person down into a whirlpool of darkness. Using a whirlpool is an underlying theme that punctuates my pieces. Waves leaving the shore is a metaphor to show a person loosing their interest being alive and at the same time are struggling to become free of its shackles and wounds. Healing from trauma is complex and usually is reflected in my works.

By painting landscapes I aim to create peace and comfort in someone’s eyes and a way of rising from the darkness and notice the glimmer of hope.