In this series I express my feelings and my deepest thoughts about women’s issues by addressing a global audience. For this matter I have chosen the most feminine aspect of the female body, the uterus invaded by tumors which represent the years of cruelty and despotic toward women. I describe the space inside a womb, where there should be balance between security and vulnerability, but instead the space is invaded by a variety of red tumors of grotesque shapes and forms to express rage, hate and a bloody sense of war, insecurity and desperation. Welded wires and needlework are used to create the illusion of the womb. My idea is to develop an imaginary environment of darkness and light, transparent skin with the solid color, mostly red inside. This idea involves using the uterus as a metaphor not for a place where life is allowed to grow, but where life is destroyed by the cruelty and despotism that has taken away the freedoms and rights of women. Despotism influences lives, forcing women into difficult and suffocating circumstances. Using a variety of meshes with steel as well as the embroidery and stitching, create a location of opposites: vulnerability and strength, transparency and opaqueness, toughness and fragility and finally metaphor and reality.